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Tuberous Breast Surgery

Dr. Sattler has over 10 years of cosmetic breast surgery experience treating Seattle area patients. He has developed a reliable cosmetic surgical technique to dramatically improve tuberous breasts, tubular breasts or constricted breasts for his Seattle area patients.

There are a variety of terms to describe the constricted breast. The tuberous, tubular or constricted breast is characterized by both a small breast volume and a drooping appearance. In severe cases, this breast shape is referred to as a tuberous breast, or a tubular breast deformity. The constricted breast has a fold beneath the breast (the infra-mammary fold) that appears to be too high. The presence of a high infra-mammary fold constricts the lower portion of the breast. The upper portion of the breast sags over the lower portion of the breast. The base of the constricted breast is narrow. Often, the breast is so constricted that the tissues behind the areola will bulge and make the areola very large.

Dr. Sattler has substantial experience treating Seattle area patients with tuberous, tubular and constricted breasts. A constricted breast is treated with a sub glandular silicone breast implant and lowering of the elevated infra-mammary fold. In severe cases of tubular breast deformity, the constricted base of the breast is surgically released. Dr. Sattler frequently uses fat transfer techniques to further enhance the breast shape of tuberous breasts.

With tuberous breast deformity there is often a large areola size and differences in nipple position. Further enhancement of the tuberous or constricted breast can be achieved using Dr. Sattler’s peri-areolar or donut mastopexy technique. The mastopexy will move the nipple and reduce the size of the areola to match the opposite side.

Tuberous Breast Correction

After tuberous breast cosmetic surgery by Dr. Sattler, the final cosmetic result is a breast with a wider foot print, reduced and lifted areola and nipple position with enhanced breast volume. Dr. Sattler is an experienced breast cosmetic surgeon that has been treating Seattle area patients for years with excellent results.

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