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Symmastia breast implant repair at Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle

Symmastia after breast augmentation is a consequence of not carefully controlling the dimensions of the breast implant pocket during its creation. The result, in severe cases, is one implant actually contacting the breast implant on the opposite side. Fixing this problem can be very challening and the recurrence rate of symmastia was traditionally very high before biomaterials like Strattice became available.
This 26 year old woman presented to our clinic several months ago with severe symmastia and infra-mammary fold malposition after undergoing a breast augmentation outside of the USA. Our board certified plastic surgeons revised her augmentation by placing an ‘internal bra’ composed of the Strattice acellular dermal matrix. This material controls the position of each implant and establishes a new and stable infra-mammary fold position. Strattice incorporates itself into the breast tissue, and becomes living viable tissue after a few weeks.

Our patient is delighted with her new breast look and her cosmetic result should remain stable over the long term.

Breast implant revision is part of the practice at Sound Plastic Surgery. Issues like implant malposition (implant too high or too low), symmastia, excessive lateralization, bottoming out or double-bubble issues, capsular contracture or ruptured implant replacement are problems that our plastic surgeons have experience with.

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