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Mentor gets its form-stable breast implant FDA approved

Chasing at the heels of Allergan’s form-stable ‘gummy bear’ model 410 implant, Mentor has got its own form-stable breast implant called the Mentor ‘Memory Shape’ implant. During the pre-market period, this implant was referred to as the Mentor CPG implant.

Like all of the current shaped silicone implants on the market today, the new Mentor ‘Memory Shape’ implant is texturized, and filled with a cohesive silicone gel that holds it tear drop shape within the breast.

To review – the current line-up of shaped silicone gel implants in the USA include the Sientra line, Allergan’s 410 and Mentor’s Memory Shape implants. I’ve found the Sientra implants to be slightly softer than Mentor 410 implants. The Sientra implant also has slightly more projection for similar implant dimensions when compared to Allergan 410 implants. I have not handled a Mentor ‘Memory Shape’ implant yet, but will soon.

In other news, on the recent ASAPS cosmetic surgery 2012 annual survey, breast augmentation has surpassed liposuction as the most frequently performed cosmetic surgical procedure (over 320,000 breast augmentation procedures in 2012) by board-certified American plastic surgeons.

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