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Breast Augmentation

Dr. Scott Sattler is a Seattle area plastic surgeon that specializes in cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. Using the latest in breast implant technology, Dr. Sattler can create stunning, natural appearing breast augmentation results for his Seattle area patients.

With Breast Implant Surgery it is possible to:

  • Enhance breast volume
  • Improve breast shape
  • Create breast cleavage
  • Equalize breast volume differences
  • Balance breast position on the chest

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery done ?

As a breast augmentation specialist in the Seattle area, Dr. Sattler has a large cosmetic surgery practice in which he sees patients with a variety of cosmetic breast issues. Dr. Sattler creates a customized breast implant treatment plan for each patient.
Breast augmentation surgery is done while patients are asleep. The surgery takes about one hour to do, and patients awake refreshed and go home soon after the procedure.

Where are Breast Augmentation Incisions made ?

Dr. Sattler has experience with all breast augmentation surgical techniques. During your consultation, he will discuss the advantages of each incision location. Most patients elect for an incision in the fold between breast and chest wall. Some patients opt for an incision around the areola.

breast augmentation incisions

Where in the Breast is the Implant Placed ?

During breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Sattler creates a ‘pocket’ for the implant within the breast tissues. In most cases, the implant is placed in the position below the muscle. The ‘sub-muscular’ position conceals the implant’s shape and augments the natural shape of the breast. In patients with tuberous breast anatomy, Dr. Sattler will place the implant beneath the breast and on top of the muscle.

breast implant placement

What is the Recovery Process after Breast Augmentation ?

Most of our cosmetic breast augmentation patients return to work in 3-4 days after surgery. Most of our patients are off of pain medication within 48 hours. Patients can resume light exercise within a few days of surgery. Dr. Sattler recommends avoiding training that emphasizes activation of the pectoral (chest) muscles for 4-6 weeks post op. Our patients can begin wearing an underwire bra 3-4 weeks after surgery.

What is unique about Dr. Sattler’s surgical techniques ?

As a specialist in cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Sattler has developed some innovative techniques to speed recovery for his Seattle area patients. Dr. Sattler uses Exaprel, a long-acting local anesthetic to numb the breast tissues after surgery, making his patients substantially more comfortable for several days after surgery.

Dr. Sattler has extensive experience with shaped, silicone gel implants like the Sientra cohesive silicone shaped gel implant and the Allergan 410 form-stable ‘gummy bear’ silicone breast implant.

Dr. Sattler frequently used fat grafting and fat transfer techniques to improve the post operative cosmetic result for his Seattle area breast augmentation patients.

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