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Breast Implant Choices have expanded for Seattle area breast augmentation patients with Dr. Scott Sattler

The past 12 months has been an exciting time to be involved in cosmetic breast augmentation. There are now three FDA approved breast implant manufacturers. The spectrum of available implants now includes form-stable shaped silicone implants. Cosmetic breast surgery patients now have many implant choices that were simply not available 14 months ago.

To summarize the available silicone implant choices for Seattle area cosmetic surgery patients –

Mentor and Allergan produce smooth round silicone implants that have been available since 2006. About 95% of the augmentations I have done in my own practice since 2006 have been with smooth round silicone implants.

About 14 months ago, Sientra had a line of shaped implants approved for cosmetic use. These implants are texturized and have a softer silicone gel filling than form-stable Allergan model 410 implants. I like the Sientra shaped implants because they have a larger projection profile for each implant volume compared to Allergan model 410 implants.

Most recently introduced, the Allergan 410 line is the ‘gummy bear’ implant with a firmer silicone gel fill. I think the Allergan 410 implants are great for patients that have relatively tight breast tissues, want a ‘natural’ post-op look without a lot of upper pole roundness, and want to avoid an ‘augmented’ look.

At some point, Mentor will introduce its own ‘gummy bear’ shaped implants, the Mentor CPG, but currently the CPG is not FDA approved for cosmetic use. That will likely change in the next few months.

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Scott Sattler MD FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

before and after photo of breast augmentation

Before and After breast augmentation surgery by Scott Sattler MD FACS

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