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Breast Augmentation post-op recovery improved with Exparel

Breast augmentation surgery is the most common procedure done in my Seattle area plastic surgery practice. The operation takes me about an hour to do, and most patients are back at work and off of pain medication in about 4 days. I am always looking at my surgical processes, to try improve my methods and deliver better care to my Seattle area breast augmentation patients.

A few months ago, I began using EXPAREL®, a single dose, long-acting local anesthetic during breast augmentation surgery.
Exparel is a formulation of bupivicaine (a longer acting local anesthetic) and DepoFoam®, a drug-delivery vehicle that allows for slow release of Bupivicaine into the breast tissues it is placed in over 72 hours. The results I have seen have been remarkable.

Significant reduction in post-op narcotic pain medication use
Earlier return to work and activities
Happier patients with less post-op pain

I’ve also used Exparel in abdominoplasty patients with similar results – less pain, more mobility, and happier patients.

Exparel has become new part of my process to continually improve my breast augmentation patient’s post-operative recovery.

As I like to say, ‘Be better, period !’

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